A Dramatic Weekend: Prithvi Theatre Festival Opens In The City 

This weekend saw different drama, albeit of the handiest imaginable form. The annual Prithvi Theatre Festival, which is lend a hand after a 2-Three hundred and sixty five days pandemic-prompted hiatus, saw the metropolis’s theatre neighborhood spring lend a hand into action.  The 11-day match, which is on its 37th chapter, is held to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prithviraj Kapoor to boot to the opening day of the theatre on November 5, 1978.  

The inauguration saw the who’s who of the fraternity and the mood used to be field by a spell binding concert by young Sufi singer, Pooja Gaitonde. Puducherry’s Adishakti Laboratory For Theatre Art Study staged one amongst its most smartly-most novel most up-to-date productions on Saturday. It is an English re-creativeness of Sara Joseph’s Malayalam play Bhoomirakshasam.  With performances by Nimmy Raphel, Vinay Kumar, and their powerhouse crew, the 85-minute-long poignant play is a commentary on violence in opposition to ladies americans and the need to reclaim the yarn of quashing the patriarchy.  Sunday used to be all about song and dance and a celebration of the matriarchal neighborhood of the former Lavani dancers. Lavanike Rang by Bhushan Korgaonkar’s B Situation Production saw graceful performances by Pushpa Satarkar, Gauri Jadhav, Shraddha Nagarkar, Latabai Waikar, and the doyenne of lavani, Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee Shakuntala Nagarkar.  

Verdict Rehearsals – Pratik Surekha

But it undoubtedly used to be Makarand Deshpande’s  (Ansh Theatre Neighborhood) Dhat Teri Yeh Grihasthi that kickstarted the plays on Friday. “Per the Hindu dharma, there are four stages in an particular particular person’s life: Brahmacharya-Ashrama, Grihastha Ashrama, Vanaprastha Ashrama, and Sannyasa Ashrama. It is in the 2nd ashram that an particular particular person creates a household, takes up responsibilities for it, and leads a married life. The question I’m posing in my play is if s/he is animated for this stage, animated for married life. The play has a couple who are in numerous stages of their relationships and it also has a brahmachari.” 

Ansh – Dhat Teri Grihasthi

“I in actuality indulge in to jot down plays about life’s advanced, chaotic, inevitable, but unavoidable situations. And marriage is a form of. In a festival indulge in this, I wished to like a fun play that also has a message. And what greater than doing a comedy constant with valid-life situations?” says Makarand in conjunction with, “Opening the play at this festival is an honor and we intend to lope with the play to a quantity of different substances of the country as successfully.” 

As hostile to twin exhibits of every of the plays, Stage Discuss at the Prithvi Residence saw artists indulge in Adil Hussain, Shefali Shah, Jim Sarbh, Ali Fazal, Piyush Mishra, Radhika Apte, and Neena Kulkarni, among others reminisces about their theatre days rather than sharing insights on their crafts.  

Pratik Sureka – Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseerudin Shah, Sonali Kulkarni, Neena Gupta

Theatre in India is indifferent not a money-making mission and organizing a festival of such magnitude, in particular put up the pandemic, wasn’t uncomplicated. Loads has changed but Kunal Kapoor, basically the most up-to-date proprietor of Prithvi Theatre, is just not a particular person to let such challenges dampen his spirit. “Loads has came about and strangely at the same time not ample! My celebrated mountainous tree that towered over the Theatre used to be blown down in the cyclone Tauktae unfavorable some of the property. But we now like re-built and repaired and rearing to trek – which we now were doing all this Three hundred and sixty five days,” he says as we snatch up with him for the length of the festival.  Alternatively, he admits that “the major scream is continuously the finance one. Yet again we fight with none sponsorship of monetary toughen.” However the affirm need to trek on and he has self-funded the match this time.  

Amongst the opposite premiere productions, this Three hundred and sixty five days are Aakarsh Khurana’s (AKVarious Productions) The Verdict, Vikram Kapadia’s (Water Lily) The Supreme Display on Earth, and Abhishek Majumdar’s (Tibet Theatre & Tipa) Pah-Lak. 

Water Lily – The Supreme Display On Earth – Pratik Sureka

“I’ve continuously realized Prithvi, and the festival, to be a gigantic opportunity to pursue passion initiatives. It helps that Kunal Kapoor is intensely supportive of our artistic pursuits. But above all, it’s a trusty myth I in actuality wished to dispute” says Aakarsh. Speaking about his unusual play, which is scheduled to be staged on November 10, he explains: “I’ve continuously been a mammoth fan of courtroom dramas. Also, underdog tales. I loved the movie model of The Verdict and toyed with the postulate of adapting it to the stage for years. But it undoubtedly never came about. Then I chanced upon a stage model (constant with the ebook the movie used to be constant with) by Margaret May per chance per chance additionally Hobbs, and that made life plenty more easy. After we procured efficiency and adaptation rights, I handiest wished to reinterpret and contextualize it for Indian audiences.”  And he is hopeful that the play, put up its Prithvi jog, will lope to other substances of the country as successfully. “ Now we like a few exhibits lined up at Prithvi itself, but I contemplate a trusty underdog myth cum courtroom drama will continuously like legs. I’m reasonably anticipating a protracted and successful jog, all the design thru cities,” he says. 

For Vikram Kapadia, whose play The Supreme Display On Earth shall be staged on Nov 8, it used to be a fundamental case of things aligning perfectly at the cultured time. “I was animated to launch out with this play when Prithvi’s invitation came along. There used to be no other option,” he quips.  “About 10 years previously, I got equipped to Frank Capra’s fundamental, Meet John Doe, by my theatre most animated friend Naushil Mehta. I was so enamored by the opinion that that I frequent it as the germ for the postulate of writing this musical. I would write a few scenes and then place them on the shelf. After a few years, I needed to discover it out of my machine and planned to stage it a few years previously but as soon as I had solid it, we suffered the lockdown,” provides the actor, playwright, and director. He has extra exhibits of the play scheduled at Prithvi in the third week of November followed by a few at NCPA.  “We’re taking a ogle at other venues in the metropolis and hope to lope next Three hundred and sixty five days to cities indulge in Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore among others,” he says. 

Pratik Sureka – [email protected] – Bhavesh Dhalbanjan

The festival also contains theatre groups indulge in Motley, TIFR, Katha Kathan, Naya theatre, Afsana theatre, Aditi Bhagwat, Storia Senza Storia, Theatre Unit, and D for Drama among others. The festival schedule also has performances by valuable Odissi dancer Bijayini Satpathy, dhrupad vocalist Pelva Naik, and Louiz Banks’ [email protected] affirm in conjunction with performances of upcoming skill hosted on the [email protected] stage. The spotlight of the festival will then one more time be a poetry reading session on November 13 by Naseeruddin Shah. 


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