Afghan Couple Accuse U.S. Marine Of Abducting Their Toddler

The young Afghan couple raced to the airport in Kabul, clutching their toddler lady shut amid the chaotic withdrawal of American troops final One year.

The toddler had been rescued two years earlier from the rubble of a U.S. Particular Forces raid that killed her other folks and five siblings. After months in a U.S. militia scientific institution, she had long past to stay along with her cousin and his wife, this newlywed couple. Now, the family used to be lunge for the US for additional scientific treatment, with support from U.S. Marine Corps felony knowledgeable Joshua Mast.

When the exhausted Afghans arrived on the airport in Washington D.C. in unhurried August 2021, Mast pulled them out of the global arrivals line and led them to an inspecting officer, in accordance with a lawsuit they filed final month. They were bowled over when Mast introduced an Afghan passport for the petite one, the couple talked about. But it used to be the final name printed on the document that stopped them wintry: Mast.

They didn’t understand it, nonetheless they would soon lose their toddler.

A U.S. Chinook helicopter flies map the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. An Afghanistan couple says U.S. Marine Corps felony knowledgeable Joshua Mast took their toddler and is elevating her as his maintain in the U.S.via Linked Press

Here’s a myth about how one U.S. Marine grew to develop into fiercely certain to lift home an Afghan war orphan, and praised it as an act of Christian faith to assign her. Letters, emails and paperwork submitted in federal filings uncover that he damaged-down his region in the U.S. Armed Forces, appealed to high-ranking Trump administration officials and turned to petite-town courts to undertake the toddler, unbeknownst to the Afghan couple elevating her 7,000 miles away.

The petite lady, now 3 ½ years aged, is on the guts of a high-stakes tangle of as a minimum four court docket conditions. The Afghan couple, determined to secure her reduction, has sued Joshua and his wife Stephanie Mast. However the Masts impart they are her factual other folks and “acted admirably” to guard her. They’ve requested a federal deem to brush off the lawsuit.

The ordeal has drawn in the U.S. departments of Defense, Justice and Narrate, which indulge in argued that the try to spirit away a citizen of one other nation may per chance also severely peril militia and international members of the family. It has also supposed that a petite bit one who survived a violent raid, used to be hospitalized for months and escaped the autumn of Afghanistan has had to wreck up her instant life between two households, each and every of which now sing her.

5 days after the Afghans arrived in the U.S., they are saying Mast – custody papers in hand – took her away.

“Lawful now, we’re correct ineffective bodies. Our hearts are damaged. We map now no longer indulge in any plans for a future without her. Food has no type and sleep provides us no relaxation.”

The Afghan lady collapsed onto the bottom and pleaded with the Marine to give her toddler reduction. Her husband talked about Mast had known as him “brother” for months; so he begged him to act delight in one, with compassion. As a replacement, the Afghan family claims in court docket papers, Mast shoved the man and stomped his foot.

That used to be more than a One year ago. The Afghan couple hasn’t considered her since.

“After they took her, our tears by no scheme raze,” the girl informed The Linked Press. “Lawful now, we’re correct ineffective bodies. Our hearts are damaged. We map now no longer indulge in any plans for a future without her. Food has no type and sleep provides us no relaxation.”


The epic of the toddler unfolds in a total bunch of pages of factual filings and paperwork obtained below the Freedom of Files Act, moreover as interviews with those enthusiastic, pieced together in an AP investigation.

In a federal lawsuit filed in September, the Afghan family accuses the Masts of mistaken imprisonment, conspiracy, fraud and assault. The family has requested the court docket to defend their identification out of concerns for their family participants reduction in Afghanistan, and so they communicated with AP on the location of final anonymous.

The Masts call the Afghan family’s claims “unsuitable, unmerited assaults” on their integrity. They argue in court docket filings that they’ve labored “to guard the petite one from physical, mental or emotional peril.” They are saying the Afghan couple are “now no longer her correct other folks,” and Mast’s felony knowledgeable solid doubt on whether or now no longer the Afghans were even linked to the toddler.

“Joshua and Stephanie Mast indulge in done nothing nonetheless invent particular that she receives the clinic treatment she requires, at mountainous deepest expense and sacrifice, and present her a loving home,” wrote the Masts’ attorneys.

The toddler’s identification has been saved non-public, listed most attractive as Toddler L or Toddler Doe. The Afghan couple had given the toddler an Afghan name; the Masts gave her an American one.

Initially from Florida, Joshua Mast married his wife Stephanie and attended Liberty University, an evangelical Christian college in Lynchburg, Virginia. He graduated in 2008, and obtained his law level there in 2014.

In 2019, they were residing with their sons in Palmyra, a petite rural Virginia town, when Joshua Mast used to be sent on a temporary-time length assignment to Afghanistan. Mast, then a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, used to be a militia lawyer for the federal Heart for Legislation and Militia Operations. The U.S. Marines declined to impart publicly, along with a host of federal officials.

That September in 2019 used to be doubtless the most deadliest months of the whole U.S. occupation in Afghanistan, with more than 110 civilians killed in the first week on my own.

On Sept. 6, 2019, the U.S. attacked a far off compound.

No facts about this tournament are publicly available, nonetheless in court docket paperwork, Mast claims that categorised stories uncover the U.S. authorities “sent helicopters stout of particular operators to lift or abolish” a international fighter. Mast talked about that in desire to give up, a individual detonated a suicide vest; five of his six children in the room were killed, and their mother used to be shot to loss of life while resisting arrest.

Sehla Ashai and Maya Eckstein, attorneys for the Afghan couple, dispute Mast’s memoir. They are saying the toddler’s other folks were in actuality farmers, unaffiliated with any terrorist neighborhood. And so they described the tournament as a tragedy that left two harmless civilians and five of their children ineffective.

Both aspects agree that once the mud settled, U.S. troops pulled the badly injured toddler from the rubble. The toddler had a fractured skull, damaged leg and serious burns.

She used to be about 2 months aged.

Mast known as the toddler a “victim of terrorism.” His felony knowledgeable talked about she “miraculously survived.”


The toddler used to be rushed to a militia scientific institution, where she used to be placed in the care of the Defense Division.

The World Committee of the Red Detrimental informed AP that they started looking to search out her family with the Afghan authorities, typically a plodding job in rural facets of the nation where sing-conserving is scant. First and predominant place, they didn’t even know the toddler’s name.

Meanwhile, Mast talked about, he used to be “aggressively” advocating to secure her to the U.S. Over plenty of months, he wrote to then-Vice President Mike Pence’s place of enterprise, in accordance with shows filed in court docket. He talked about his colleagues in the militia tried to talk over with President Donald Trump about the toddler for the length of a Thanksgiving talk over with to Bagram Airfield. Mast also talked about he made four requests over two weeks to then-White Condominium Chief of Team Mick Mulvaney, requesting reduction to medically evacuate the toddler “to be treated in a safe atmosphere.”

The Masts were represented by Joshua’s brother Richard Mast, an felony knowledgeable with the conservative Christian factual neighborhood Liberty Counsel, which says it’s far now no longer interested by this case. Not doubtless the most Masts responded to repeated requests for interviews.

In emails to militia officials, Mast alleged that Pence informed the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to “invent every effort” to secure her to the US. Mast signed his emails with a Bible verse: “’Are residing for an Viewers of one, for we must all appear sooner than the judgment seat of Christ.”

Pence’s spokesman, Marc Short, did now no longer answer to requests for impart.

The U.S. Embassy by no scheme heard from Pence’s place of enterprise, talked about a Division of Narrate reliable, who requested anonymity because they did now no longer indulge in permission to talk publicly about the pain. But they did inaugurate up getting extremely weird inquiries about the possibility of sending the toddler to the U.S. The diplomats were rattled by the recommendation that the U.S. may per chance also correct steal her away; they believed the toddler belonged to Afghanistan.

“I was awake that it may per chance per chance also simply now no longer be restful crusing ahead, nonetheless that correct made me more certain to map the splendid ingredient,” the Narrate Division reliable talked about.

About six weeks after the toddler used to be rescued, the U.S. Embassy known as for a gathering, attended by representatives of the Red Detrimental, the Afghan authorities and the American militia, including Mast. The Narrate Division wanted to invent particular that all individuals understood its region: Below global humanitarian law, the U.S. used to be obliged to map all the pieces that you just may per chance per chance also imagine to reunite the toddler along with her subsequent of family.

On the assembly, Mast requested about adoption, the Narrate Division reliable talked about. Attendees from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs defined that by Afghan law and customized, they had to region the toddler along with her biological family. If that did now no longer work, the Afghan Children’s Court would resolve a upright guardian.

The American idea of adoption doesn’t even exist in Afghanistan. Below Islamic law, a petite bit one’s bloodline cannot be severed and their heritage is sacred. Quite than adoption, a guardianship plan known as kafala permits Muslims to soak up orphans and elevate them as family, without relinquishing the petite one’s name or bloodline.

American adoptions from Afghanistan are uncommon and most attractive that you just may per chance per chance also imagine for Muslim-American households of Afghan descent. The Narrate Division acknowledges 14 American adoptions from Afghanistan over the past decade, none previously two years.

Yet two days after the embassy assembly, a letter used to be sent to U.S. officials in Kabul from Kimberley Motley, a map-well-known individual American felony knowledgeable in Afghanistan, the Narrate Division reliable talked about. Motley wrote that she used to be representing an unnamed enthusiastic American citizen who wished to undertake this toddler. Motley declined to be interviewed by the AP.

Mast also continued his appeals to American politicians. The U.S. Embassy started hearing from Congressional staffers about the toddler, and diplomats met with a militia licensed, the reliable talked about.

The licensed in flip attach apart a “gag expose” on militia personnel about the toddler and talked about “no person used to be to indicate on her behalf,” Mast wrote in a factual submitting.

But he wasn’t ready to give up.


The Masts hunted for a solution halfway around the area — in rural Fluvanna County, Virginia, where they lived.

They petitioned the local Juvenile and Home Family Court, describing the toddler as a “stateless minor recovered off the battlefield.” In early November 2019, a deem granted them factual custody. The name of this deem is now no longer publicly available because juvenile data are sealed in Virginia.

Just a few days later, a certificate of international birth listed Joshua and Stephanie Mast as other folks.

The custody expose used to be basically based totally on the Masts’ assertion that the Afghan authorities — namely now-deposed President Ashraf Ghani — supposed to waive jurisdiction over the petite one “in a topic of days,” in accordance with a hearing transcript. The waiver by no scheme arrived.

In an electronic mail to AP, Ghani’s aged deputy chief of workers Suhrob Ahmad talked about there is “no sing of this alleged assertion of waiver of Afghan jurisdiction.” Ahmad talked about he and the head of the Administrative Assign of job of the President map now no longer be awake any such attach apart a matter to going through the court docket plan as required.

The U.S. Embassy heard that Mast used to be granted custody. Militia lawyers assured them that the Marine used to be correct getting ready in case Afghanistan waived jurisdiction, nonetheless would now no longer interfere with the search the toddler’s family, in accordance with the Narrate Division reliable.

Yet all along they planned to undertake the toddler, in accordance with data obtained from the recount of Virginia below a Freedom of Files Act attach apart a matter to. Richard Mast wrote the Attorney Frequent’s place of enterprise in November 2019 that the Masts “will file for adoption as soon as statutorily that you just may per chance per chance also imagine.”

In the meantime, Joshua Mast enrolled the toddler in the Defense Division health care plan, made an appointment at a U.S. World Adoption Health heart and requested to indulge in her evacuated.

Then came a shock: The Red Detrimental talked about they’d found her family. She used to be about five months aged.

In unhurried 2019, Afghan officials informed the U.S. Embassy that the toddler’s paternal uncle had been identified, and he determined his son and daughter-in-law were most well suited to steal her, in accordance with court docket data. They were young, trained newlyweds with out a children but of their maintain, and lived in a city with access to hospitals.

The young man labored in a scientific place of enterprise and ran a co-ed college, which is weird in Afghanistan. His wife graduated from high college on the highest of her class, and is fluent in three languages, including English. They’d married for indulge in, no longer like many Afghans in organized marriages.

Mast expressed doubts about the newly-found uncle, describing him in court docket data as “an anonymous individual of unknown nationality” and claiming that turning the toddler over to him used to be “inherently unhealthy.” He requested the Red Detrimental to place him enthusiastic, nonetheless they refused.

In emails to a U.S. militia place of enterprise requesting evacuation, Mast alleged that he be taught more than 150 pages of categorised paperwork, and concluded the petite one used to be a “stateless minor.” Mast believed she used to be the daughter of transient terrorists who are voters of no nation, his felony knowledgeable talked about. He also speculated that if reunited along with her family, she may per chance also simply be made a petite bit one soldier or a suicide bomber, sold into sex trafficking, hit in a U.S. militia strike, or stoned for being a girl.

But Afghanistan did now no longer waver: the petite one used to be a citizen of their nation.

Mast’s felony knowledgeable sent the U.S. Embassy a “raze and desist” letter warning them now to no longer hand the toddler over, in accordance with the Narrate Division reliable. But on February 26, 2020, the Masts discovered that the U.S. used to be on the level of place the toddler, now simply about 8 months aged, on a airplane early the following morning to be half of her family in a single other Afghan city.

The Masts, represented by Richard Mast, sued the secretaries of Defense and Narrate in a federal court docket in Virginia, requesting an emergency restraining expose to raze them. The Masts claimed they were the toddler’s “correct permanent factual guardians.”

Inside hours, four federal attorneys — two from the Justice Division and two from the U.S. Attorney’s Assign of job — were on the mobile phone, and Richard Mast used to be in Federal Employ Norman Moon’s place of enterprise.

Richard Mast talked about the toddler must serene now no longer be “condemned to endure.” He complained that the Afghan authorities had now no longer conducted DNA testing to substantiate the family they found used to be in actuality linked to the petite one.

However the Justice Division attorneys talked about they had no correct to mandate how the Afghan authorities vets the family, and that the Red Detrimental — which has reunited family participants in war zones for more than a century — had confirmed it used to be done successfully. Additional, the federal authorities’s attorneys described the Masts’ custody paperwork from recount court docket as “unlawful,” “deeply unsuitable and unsuitable,” and “issued on a mistaken premise that has by no scheme came about” — that Afghanistan would waive jurisdiction.

Employ Moon requested Richard Mast: “Your consumer is now no longer asking to undertake the petite one?”

“No sir,” Mast responded. “He needs to secure her scientific treatment in the US.”

Justice Division attorneys argued that the US must meet its global responsibilities. Attorney Alexander Haas attach apart it simply: Taking one other nation’s citizen to the US “would indulge in potentially profound implications on our militia and international affairs interests.”

Employ Moon dominated in opposition to the Masts, and the toddler stayed in Afghanistan.

The next day, she used to be united along with her biological family. The Afghan couple wept with joy.

“We didn’t secure she would map reduction to her family alive,” talked about the young Afghan man. “It used to be the right day of our lives. After a truly long time, she had a giant gamble to indulge in a family again.”


Because the months passed in her new home in Afghanistan, the girl cherished getting henna painted on her palms and dressing up in new garments, the Afghan couple talked about. She constantly wanted to map her new mother’s makeup, or brush her hair.

“She knew about Allah, about garments, about the names of meals,” the girl wrote.

The couple cared for her as if she used to be their maintain daughter, nonetheless with an additional measure of tenderness attributable to the incredible tragedy she’d already suffered.

“We by no scheme wanted her to feel she couldn’t indulge in one thing she wanted,” talked about the young man.

Meanwhile, Mast continued to pain that the petite one used to be “in an objectively unhealthy pain,” Richard Mast wrote in court docket paperwork. The Masts requested Kimberley Motley, the felony knowledgeable, to trace down the family, announcing he wanted to secure the petite one scientific treatment in the U.S, Motley talked about in court docket data.

Motley contacted the Afghan family in March 2020, about every week after the toddler used to be placed in her new home. Motley is named as a defendant of their lawsuit, nonetheless her felony knowledgeable, Michael Hoernlein, informed AP the claims in opposition to her are “meritless.” In court docket paperwork, Motley’s attorneys characterize her role as knowledgeable and above-board, and requested that the claims in opposition to her be pushed aside.

Motley had in the initiating long past to Afghanistan in 2008 below an American-funded initiative to put together local lawyers. She stayed, largely representing foreigners charged with crimes. She took on high-profile human rights conditions, gave a TED Issue and wrote a e-book.

Over the course of a One year, Motley known as for updates about the petite one and sometimes requested for photos. In July, around the toddler’s first birthday, the couple sent Motley a snapshot of the petite one in swim trunks, smiling and splashing in a wading pool.

On the identical time, the Masts’ adoption case used to be serene winding through the court docket plan in Fluvanna County, Virginia. In December 2020, the recount court docket granted the Masts a final adoption expose basically based totally on the discovering that the petite one “remains as much as this deadline an orphaned, undocumented, stateless minor,” in accordance with a federal lawsuit. Fluvanna County Circuit Court Presiding Employ Richard E. Moore did now no longer answer to repeated requests for readability on how the conditions progressed.

World adoption lawyers were baffled.

“For fogeys that would also indulge in family participants there who are announcing, ‘no, no, no, we desire our daughter, we desire our petite lady,’ it’s over,” talked about Irene Steffas, an adoption and immigration felony knowledgeable. “There is no map the U.S. is going to secure right into a match with one other nation in phrases of a kid that’s a citizen of that nation.”

Karen Legislation, a Virginia felony knowledgeable who makes a speciality of world adoption, talked about recount law requires an licensed agency to chat over with three events over six months and compile a sing sooner than an adoption may per chance also simply furthermore be finalized. The petite one needs to be display for the visits — nonetheless this toddler used to be thousands of miles away.

On July 10, 2021, around the toddler’s 2d birthday, Motley facilitated the first mobile phone call between the Afghan couple and Joshua Mast, with the relieve translator Ahmad Osmani, a Baptist pastor of Afghan descent. Mast informed the Afghan couple that unless they sent the petite one to the US for clinic treatment, she may per chance also “be blind, brain damaged, and/or permanently physically disabled.”

However the Afghan man now elevating her, who had labored in the scientific discipline, did now no longer secure her burn scars, a leg hurt and mysterious hypersensitive response symptoms amounted to a life-altering situation in the map Mast described. The couple declined sending the toddler to the US.

The woman used to be pregnant, and insecure about the chance of this type of long flight. They talked about they requested Mast: May per chance they steal the toddler to Pakistan or India for treatment in its place?

The acknowledge used to be no, their lawsuit says. The conversations continued for months. Osmani, the translator, vouched for the Masts and described them as kind and honest, in accordance with the lawsuit, which names him as a defendant.

Osmani did now no longer answer to requests for impart. He requested a federal deem to throw out the lawsuit, and talked about he by no scheme deceived someone. He used to be most attractive a “mere translator.”

His attorneys wrote: “No upright deed goes unpunished.”


In unhurried summer season 2021, the Taliban seized energy in Afghanistan. Mast talked about he contacted the family to lift the toddler to the U.S. “sooner than the nation collapsed.” He talked about he used to be “extremely enthusiastic that they may per chance also simply now no longer secure one other chance.” The couple agreed.

Mast utilized for particular visas for the Afghan family and for family participants of Osmani, the translator, in accordance with court docket data. They characterised the Afghan couple as an escort for a “U.S. militia dependent” — the toddler.

In an electronic mail to U.S. officials filed in court docket, Mast wrote that Osmani used to be “very instrumental to helping a U.S. Marine…undertake an Afghan petite one.”

Rapidly, the Afghan family started their days-long poke to the U.S. Joshua Mast informed them to pronounce he used to be their lawyer.

“If someone asks to chat about your paperwork, uncover them this article: I am Well-known Joshua Mast, USMC. I am a Employ Recommend…” Mast texted them detailed instructions for the splendid approach to take care of U.S. authorities, their lawsuit says.

When the family arrived in Germany for a stopover, Joshua Mast and his wife greeted them on the air force unsuitable. It used to be the first time they had met in individual.

In Germany, the Masts visited the Afghan family’s room three events to steal a search at to secure the toddler to sail separately with them, “insisting that it may per chance per chance be more uncomplicated for the toddler to enter the US that map,” the Afghan couple recalled of their lawsuit. They refused to let the girl out of their ogle.

When the Afghans finally landed in the US, they started explaining that the petite one used to be too young to indulge in Afghan paperwork. That’s after they sing Joshua Mast pulled out an Afghan passport.

Inside used to be the identical photograph of the petite one in the wading pool, nonetheless altered to commerce the background, add a shirt and restful her hair. Mast informed the Afghans to “grab restful” about having his name on her passport, their lawsuit alleges, so it may per chance per chance be more uncomplicated to secure clinic treatment.

The Afghan couple requested to be taken to Citadel Pickett Navy National Guard unsuitable, a situation specified by Mast, in accordance with the lawsuit. Hundreds of Afghan refugees were mercurial housed there.

Rapidly after, they talked about, squaddies came to their room and informed them they were transferring. A uncommon lady sat in the support of the van subsequent to a automobile seat, in accordance with court docket data, and the toddler fussed as she buckled her in.

The van pulled as much as a constructing they didn’t acknowledge, where a girl who known as herself a social worker talked about the Masts were the girl’s factual guardians. Confused and unnerved, the petite one cried and the couple begged.

But it did no upright. Mast took the toddler to his automobile, where his wife used to be ready, the lawsuit says.

They’d lost her.

Of their closely redacted response to the lawsuit, the Masts acknowledge they “took custody” of the petite one; they talked about their adoption expose used to be reliable and so they did nothing scandalous.

Richard Mast will be named as a defendant in the Afghan family’s lawsuit. He wrote in factual paperwork that his brother’s adoption of the petite one used to be “selfless;” it saved each and every the petite one, and the Afghan family battling to secure her reduction, “from the evils of life below the Taliban.”

The Afghan couple believed that their toddler used to be stolen, and so they straight away sought reduction at Citadel Pickett to secure her reduction.

“However the taking half in discipline used to be now no longer stage,” their felony knowledgeable, Ashai, informed the AP. The couple “were forced to navigate a fancy and advanced plan in a international nation in which they had correct arrived, after having survived basically the most attractive trauma of their lives.”

Meanwhile, the couple says in court docket paperwork, Osmani warned them now to no longer contact a lawyer or the authorities, and suggested that Mast may per chance give them the toddler reduction in the occasion that they dealt straight away with him.

And so they tried to grab contact with Mast. They were also fearful of him. If he may per chance also abduct their petite one in plentiful daylight hours, they insecure he may per chance hurt them too, their lawyers wrote in factual filings.

The Afghan lady plunged right into a deep despair and, despite being nine months pregnant, stopped attractive and attractive. She may per chance also now no longer sleep. Her husband used to be troubled to toddle away her on my own.

“Since we indulge in system to The US, we indulge in now no longer felt happiness for even one day,” the Afghan man informed the AP. “We feel delight in we stay in a darkish jail.”

His wife gave birth to a girl on October 1, 2021. The young mother’s effort grew to develop into overwhelming. A month later, she idea to be suicide and used to be hospitalized.

Rapidly the couple sought factual reduction; by December 2021, the Afghan couple had requested the Fluvanna deem to reverse the adoption. But those complaints, almost one One year in, were opaque and late.

On Feb. 27, 2022, when the Afghan toddler used to be 2 ½ years aged, the Masts traveled to the Mennonite Christian Assembly in Fredericksburg, Ohio, to portion their joy for the length of a determined church provider. In a video marketing and marketing the tournament known as “Strolling in Religion,” the pastor apologized to congregants that it may per chance per chance now no longer be on-line, because the Marine would portion “very confidential, categorised knowledge.”

“Unexpected events gave the couple an unexpected opportunity to withstand guard harmless life,” be taught the program flyer. “Advance hear how God’s mighty hand allowed for a remarkable deliverance.”

Pastor John Risner informed the AP that the Masts had requested the provider be confidential, and he didn’t are seeking to betray their believe by disclosing any facts.

All he would dispute is that their epic is “amazing.”


The fate of the Afghan petite one is now being debated in secret complaints in a locked court in the village of Palmyra, Virginia, home to about 100 other folks.

Earlier this month, Joshua Mast arrived on the Fluvanna County courthouse with his wife and his brother Richard. Mast used to be dressed in his starched Marine uniform, retaining his white and gold hat in his hand. The hearing stretched on for roughly eight hours.

The complaints were completely shielded from public gape, mandated by presiding Employ Moore. The AP used to be now no longer allowed internal the court. Court clerk Tristana Treadway refused to produce even the docket number, announcing she may per chance also “neither relate nor dispute” the case existed the least bit.

Extra than a dozen lawyers streamed into the courthouse, carting boxes of proof, and every talked about they were forbidden from speaking.

Mast remains an active accountability Marine, and has since been promoted to predominant. He now lives with his family in North Carolina. The Afghan toddler has been with them for more than a One year.

In Texas, the Afghan couple continues to grieve the shortcoming of the petite one. The toddler the girl gave birth to at the moment after arriving in the U.S. correct turned 1. The young mother had planned to raise the ladies as sisters.

But they’ve by no scheme met.

“There may be nothing to indulge in fun without her. There is no happiness here,” the Afghan man talked about. “We are counting the moments and days until she will be able to map home.”


Retired Linked Press Afghanistan and Pakistan Bureau Chief Kathy Gannon, AP researcher Rhonda Shafner and AP Pentagon reporter Lolita Baldor contributed to this sing.

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