Blood group can predict risk of contracting viral disease

college-age formative years are affected with customary symptoms such as purple blotches on the cheeks that would possibly perhaps even spread to the arms and legs. Even adults can turn into contaminated, however many manufacture no longer sign any symptoms.

In a peculiar observe, researchers can now sign that the chance of contracting the disease is elevated if the individual belongs to the blood group Rhesus D antigen or what known as Rh(D). Moreover to the blood typing in the ABO blueprint, the Rh blueprint is mainly the most typical.

All contaminated belonged to Rh(D)

More than 160,000 blood donors in Germany accumulate been screened for parvovirus between 2015 and 2018. Of the blood donors, 22 of us accumulate been contaminated with the virus. All contaminated other folks belonged to the blood group Rh(D).

“It is a wide discovering that has no longer but been described that would possibly perhaps perhaps mean that Rh(D) is important when the virus enters the host cell and also would possibly perhaps perhaps be a peculiar, as of but unidentified cellular receptor for the virus,” says Rasmus Gustafsson, affiliated researcher at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and mission manager at Octapharma.

Girls people accumulate been over-represented

The researchers accumulate been also ready to glance that the chance of infection used to be elevated all thru the summer months. Moreover, females moreover of us extinct 31 to 40 accumulate an elevated risk of infection.

“At that age, there are on the entire toddlers around. We already know that young formative years win contaminated in preschool and then infect their fogeys. So, the age and gender distribution would possibly perhaps perhaps even be a reflection of the truth that females to a bigger extent than males work in the care professions and glance after formative years,” says Rasmus Gustafsson.

The observe used to be conducted in collaboration with the company Octapharma, where various of the co-authors are challenging.

More knowledge:
Katie Healy et al, Incidence of parvovirus B19 viraemia among German blood donations and the connection to ABO and Rhesus blood group antigens, The Journal of Infectious Diseases (2022). DOI: 10.1093/infdis/jiac456

Blood group can predict risk of contracting viral disease (2022, November 25)
retrieved 25 November 2022

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