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Contact dermatitis might be caused by an irritant or an allergen.

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Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a rash attributable to deliver contact with particular substances. Or it may perchance be attributable to an allergic reaction to particular substances. Irritant contact dermatitis (A) mainly produces a dry, scaly, itchy rash. Many substances, equivalent to cleaning merchandise or industrial chemical compounds, trigger this condition.

Allergic contact dermatitis (B) produces a extraordinarily itchy rash with bumps, swelling and now and again blisters, as with this case of poison ivy. Widespread allergy-inflicting agents (allergens) are latex rubber, nickel and poison ivy. Allergic contact dermatitis develops after an preliminary exposure to the allergen.

To treat your rash, are attempting and prefer out what introduced on it and live a long way from that substance. You can be ready to also apply medicated cream to ease the discomfort of your signs.

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Oct. 13, 2022

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