‘Dwelling Of The Dragon’ Episode 9 Brings Battle To Westeros

After eight episodes of backstory, HBO’s Dwelling of the Dragon has at final upped the ante after King Viserys’ death in the previous episode — riding Westeros to the brink of the bloodiest civil war in its long history. 

The King Is Ineffective

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The episode time and as soon as more refers to the slack King Viserys as ‘Viserys the Mute’ — magnificent ample, pondering that Paddy Considine’s fan-favorite persona used to be nicely identified for his abhorrence of war. In inequity, Rhys Ifan’s Otto Hightower — who after years of scheming, at final has his derive blood on the Iron Throne, as a misinterpreted prophecy drives his daughter Queen Alicent to yell her son Aegon on the throne, rather then Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy). 

Rhaenyra and her immediate family are nowhere to be found in this episode, which remains razor-centered on the occasions of Viserys’ succession at King’s Landing. A ways-off from the impact of Rhaenyra and Daemon, Alicent holds a dinky council assembly to communicate about her son’s remark to the throne — ideal to leer that Otto has most of the council in his pockets already. Master of Coin Lord Lyman Beesbury (Bill Paterson) is the staunch one who stands by Rhaenyra’s remark — and finds himself bashed to death by Ser Criston Cole, summarily.  

(Seriously, what number of heads will Cole give way by the time the war is over?) 

The council then locations matters into lunge, with these unwilling to follow Otto’s plans expeditiously slash down or imprisoned. Aegon himself has been oblivious to his derive succession as king, and two search parties situation out to search out him, led by Aemond and Criston on Queen Alicent’s behalf, and Kingsguards twins Arryk and Erryk Cargyll on Otto’s. 

There’s a colossal deal of irony right here. Whereas Aemond quietly shares his lack of faith in Aegon as a correct ruler, the twins get themselves in the underbelly of King’s Landing — witnessing blood sport between enslaved childhood, about a of which may perhaps perhaps be Aegon’s discarded bastards. All four males are on a quest to search out a man who doesn’t are making an attempt to be found, doesn’t are making an attempt to be king, they veritably all agree is unfit for the role. 

Eventually, it’s Mysaria — who has played a backseat role in most modern episodes — that is aware of of Aegon’s whereabouts, and who in the end offers him up, for a cost. 

The Dance of Dragons Begins

Credits: HBO

At some stage in the episode, Alicent herself undergoes some very complicated feelings. No longer ideal is she convinced that Aegon is the factual inheritor, she additionally feels conflicted at the hypothesis of violence between her and Rhaenyra, and despite desiring Princess Rhaenys’ support, is politically motivated to attend her beneath home arrest. 

Rhaenys, who clearly understands the disaster and her allegiances, calls out Alicent for pandering to the whims of her sons, husband, and in particular her father — the man who stands at the epicentre of Westeros’ most modern political predicament. Frustrated, Alicent leaves to blueprint (and half a foot fetish) with the unsettling Lord Larys Strong.  

Fortunately for Rhaenys, she’s bought allies of her derive. Whisked away out of town by Ser Arryk, Rhaenys laments that she may perhaps perhaps perhaps merely no longer have the opportunity to rescue her dragon before escaping King’s Landing, but is rapidly dragged alongside by the extensive crowd of commoners making their methodology to the colossal hall, the build Otto has summoned them to see Aegon’s coronation. 

Satisfied, Rhaenys slinks away into the dragonpit beneath — smashing into the Huge Corridor riding Meleys, the ‘Red Queen’. With a shy populace fleeing for their lives, Rhaenys turns round to let her dragon cry defiantly at the royal family. It’s obvious that she’s pondering ordering a Hightower barbecue at this point, but she merely turns away and flies northeast — the build Rhaenyra and her allies lie at Dragonstone.

In a nutshell, this suggests war. It’s an narrative methodology to kick off the war that we’ll be enjoying for reasonably a whereas now — a minimal of three extra seasons, if George R.R. Martin’s words may perhaps perhaps perhaps very nicely be relied upon. “It’ll take four fleshy seasons of 10 episodes each to carry out justice to the Dance of the Dragons, from start to total,” acknowledged the creator, who penned a weblog post addressing the disclose, its production challenges, and his renewed pastime in at final finishing The Winds of Winter

In the intervening time, followers bask in comely noteworthy lost their minds in the face of Season 1’s penultimate episode — with a lot of pastime directed against the sole real pro-Rhaenyra explain we’ve considered as of late, Rhaenys. 

Interestingly, Rhaenys’ entrance used to be additionally foretold by Aegon’s sister-accomplice Helaena: 

Team Green additionally bought in about a iconic moments — tournament though the episode positively painted them as obvious antagonists:

a home of the dragon episode devoted entirely to the greens as of late? …. so be pleased Green Day ?

— ❤️‍🔥 (@dunwaIl) October 16, 2022

We additionally bought a short see of the season finale — which promises to be fully narrative:

Dwelling of the Dragon will return next Monday at 6: 30 AM, on Hotstar. 

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