Middle School Students Participate in Speech Competition on Early Oral Hygiene Organized by A2Z Dental Group

The speech competition organized by A2Z Dental Group was a unique way to educate students on the importance of oral hygiene practices from an early age. The competition provided a platform for middle school students to showcase their speaking skills and share their understanding of oral hygiene.

The event was attended by 500 students from Radha Krishna Public School, who enthusiastically participated in the competition. The chief guest, Mr. Pervez, Mayor of Amroha city, applauded the initiative and emphasized the importance of good oral hygiene practices.

As a part of the initiative to promote good oral hygiene practices, A2Z Dental Group awarded certificates and prizes worth $100 to the participants. The prizes were given as a token of appreciation for their efforts and to encourage them to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits.

The event highlighted the need for education and awareness around good oral hygiene practices, especially in underserved communities. A2Z Dental Group aims to continue promoting oral hygiene practices and educating communities about their importance. The initiative is a step towards improving the oral health of people across the globe.

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