Fetterman refuses to initiate his medical files and believes he is ‘match to be wait on’

Following his disastrous debate efficiency last week, of us possess begun asking why John Fetterman hasn’t launched his medical files.

In the video below, Fetterman is requested by a reporter for the interval of a Zoom interview if he would settle on into consideration releasing all of his medical files. He dances spherical the set a matter to, claiming that his medical doctors disclose he is okay and ends by announcing he believes he is ‘match to be wait on.’

You couldn’t make this up. Gape:

John Fetterman again refuses to initiate his pudgy medical files: “I attain respect that I’m match to be wait on.” pic.twitter.com/lF9LRHcH6F

— RNC Learn (@RNCResearch) October 31, 2022

Factual ravishing.

match to wait on what perchance “mcdonald’s pressure through “

— Bravgirl (@Bravgirl21) October 31, 2022

He is match to be served…in a nursing house!!!!

— TheStealWasReal (@CarlosCiroA) October 31, 2022

He might perhaps perhaps well perhaps now not wait on a boiled egg.

— 🇳🇱 Jacques Brisant (@JacquesBrisant) October 31, 2022

😂😂😂😂😂 Sure he is!

— David 🇺🇸🍊☢️ (@DriverOU812_2) October 31, 2022

Right here’s fact.

Wisely most of The united states does NOT judge you are match to wait on.. https://t.co/gDrMSpJ4J0

— 🌺🦋Factual me👀 MAGA🍊🍊Cassie🌺🦋🌺 (@browneyegirl400) October 31, 2022

Fetterman’s candidacy is a farce. His team and their media allies hid him from the general public on your complete summer season and the controversy exposed the fact for all to witness.

The of us of Pennsylvania deserve pudgy transparency on this bid. Fetterman can possess to initiate his medical files. the media and the left might perhaps perhaps well perhaps be anxious it if he modified into a Republican.

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