How this effectively being facility in South Korea achieves world-class infrastructure

Samsung Clinical Center in South Korea has been training changing into an developed vivid effectively being facility, and for the duration of, it grew to become the main effectively being facility in the area to construct the highest stage in the HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). 

Throughout HIMSS22 APAC, Jean-Hyoung Lee, IT infrastructure supervisor at SMC, shared how they bought there. 

On the origin, Lee said they were ready to attain Stage 7 INFRAM thru their application-defined community (SDN) infrastructure. 

“In uncover to become the dapper effectively being facility of the long bustle, one in every of the biggest issues is the community,” he emphasised.

And this type of dapper effectively being facility of the long bustle requires three aspects: mass files communication, multi-species and mass instrument connection, and seamless provider convergence. These are all which that you might imagine thru SDN, Lee said.

Previously, SMC’s networks were physically separated. “When you occur to toddle to the TPS [Telecommunication Pipe Shaft] room, the HIS and PACS networks were separated,” he said.

It became once easiest in latest years that SMC drew up a roadmap for its digital transformation and began remodelling its hospitals to glue its rather a lot of networks. 

Amongst key projects it sought to implement thru this roadmap are dapper parking, scientific, incremental space check, automated scientific payment, dapper name centre diagram, automated scientific tools interface and enhancements in logistics thru robots.

In step with Lee, SMC selected to struggle thru the INFRAM overview to exercise it as a springboard for future HIMSS Maturity Model certifications, such as for EMR and digital imaging.

Sharing their classes for the duration of, Lee said: “In getting ready for the HIMSS INFRAM over the final two years, we realized it well-known for scientific workers, developers, [basically] all people to work together to solve disorders by presenting rather a lot of suggestions or solutions, receiving suggestions, and freely discussing results.”

Four months after securing a Stage 7 INFRAM accreditation, SMC furthermore bought validated for Stage 6 Electronic Clinical Document Adoption Model in August.

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