How to edit and unsend iMessages to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Belief to be one of primarily the most easy unusual aspects of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura is the capacity to both edit or possess shut messages which have already been sent. Not most productive might perhaps per chance perhaps this place you embarrassment when calling a work colleague an by likelihood amorous name, but might perhaps per chance perhaps furthermore give you a vogue out must you ship the snide particular person the snide message. Right here’s how to edit or possess shut sent messages on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to unsend a message

To possess shut a message, it desires to be an iMessage in a blue bubble. Faucet and tackle the sent text bubble (iPhone or iPad) or merely-click (Mac) till you watch the alternatives menu appear. Take out Undo Ship and the message will likely be deleted from the recipient’s feed as successfully as yours.


This selection is most productive available for up to 2 minutes after the message used to be sent. When a message is unsent, it’s a ways from both the recipient and sender, with a repeat indicating that an unsend happened.

Unsent messages can no longer be recovered. Right here’s varied from the favored deletion of messages, which removes it from your iMessage history and areas it in a peculiar Not too long within the past Deleted half. Messages in Not too long within the past Deleted (where they might well perhaps furthermore be recovered) discontinuance for 30 days after which they’re robotically deleted.

How to edit a sent message

Whenever you accumulate that you just’ve sent a message that’s obtained an embarrassing misspelled observe, all will not be any longer misplaced. The unusual iMessage bettering feature in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 might perhaps per chance perhaps furthermore be a lifesaver.


Simply long-press on the sent message (iPhone or iPad) or merely-click (Mac) and anticipate the alternatives menu to seem, vivid love with the Undo Ship feature above. The one you’re after this time is Edit. Faucet this and you’ll be ready to have interplay with the text within the message.


Spotlight the undesirable observe or phrases, change them with what you meant to stutter, and the text will likely be corrected. For fat disclosure, there’ll likely be a notification beneath the bubble that says Delivered – Edited. Each you and the recipient can tap on this to witness prior edits.


One thing to repeat: You can most productive edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it, and that you just can most productive form five edits to a single message earlier than the likelihood disappears. Extra than that and you’ll vivid have to ship a convention-up text with an apology.

Will it work on older gadgets?

Ideally, the recipient must aloof furthermore be working an iPhone or iPad with iOS 16.iPadOS 16 and a Mac with Ventura. If they’re, bettering will work as described. Nonetheless must you are attempting and edit a message sent to somebody on an older version of iOS/iPadOS or macOS (or even an Android particular person taking fragment in a neighborhood iMessage chat), an fully unusual message prefixed with “Edited to” followed by the unusual message, whereas aloof leaving the contemporary, doubtlessly embarrassing, message within the recipient’s inbox.

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