Love, Intercourse, Aur Bahurani… ‘Chhatriwali’ Works, Albeit In Aspects

Taboo matters like sex, contraception, girls’s sexual and reproductive health takes centerstage on this film headlined by Rakul Preet Singh

Director: Tejas Prabhaa Vijay Deoskar

Writers: Sanchit Gupta and Priyadarshee Srivastava

Solid: Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Prachee Shah Paandya, and Rajesh Tailang

Ranking: 3/5

Sanya Dhingra (Rakul Preet Singh) is a truly excellent chemistry graduate tuition instructor who lives alongside with her single mother in Karnal, Haryana. Theirs is a center-class family and Sanya is having a gape a elephantine-time job to relief her mother with their monetary trouble. One day she gets a job provide from one in every of her neighbors, Ratan Lamba (Satish Kaushik). Nevertheless it’s no longer any longer what she would absorb ever expected. It’s that of a high quality analyst at a producing facility. Though it is a lucrative provide and her chemistry details might perchance be well-known to the job, she is apprehensive due to the the social stigma related with the product the corporate manufactures—condoms. Stable sex is an unsafe topic of debate. She reluctantly takes it up due to the the pay kit but decides to place this a secret. Slowly she gets over the social conditioning and begins playing her job and begins to seize pleasure in it. Lifestyles goes on, and she or he falls in love and gets married to Rishi Kalra (Sumeet Vyas), the proprietor of a retailer selling goods required to develop pujas. It is a sanskari family and Sanya, peaceable in doubt of how her recent family will react to her job, continues to place it a secret. As an different, she tells them that she works at an umbrella manufacturing facility– safety in opposition to flu, cough, and cool is taken unprecedented extra seriously on this country than that in opposition to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted illnesses. Nevertheless, anguish is brewing at dwelling. Her sister-in-regulation (Prachee Shah Paandya) lands up in the sanatorium in a important situation after struggling a miscarriage. It involves gentle that she has had extra than one abortions and miscarriages and her health is compromised due to the the coarse popping of birth-aid a watch on pills. What comes as a surprise is that Sanya’s righteous brother-in-regulation (Rajesh Tailang), who can also be a biology instructor in a legitimate school, is averse to the belief that of the utilization of safety while having sex and views condoms as something filthy. He’s doubtlessly a majority of Indian men to whom girls’s sexual and reproductive health is of zero trouble and it is something to be brushed under the carpet. Even at school, he treats the chapter on human replica and sex education as ‘optionals’ and flips by the pages. The film then traces Sanya’s makes an strive to take care of the dispute her sister-in-regulation is facing at dwelling. Nevertheless she rapidly realizes that it is something almost all of married girls in society are also plagued with. She then makes it her motto to substitute the dispute and begins with providing sex education to college teenagers as well to the girls of her locality.

What Works:

The film tackles conversations round sex education and female reproductive health sensitively and with an educational methodology. Rakul Preet Singh, the actor who had five releases last year, headlines Chhatriwali with grit and gumption. She gives a balanced efficiency and proves her mettle. Your total solid which integrated the likes of Sumeet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Rajesh Tailang, and Rakesh Bedi, is efficacious but one must blueprint a irregular mention of Prachee Shah Paandya. As the apprehensive sister-in-regulation, she is nuanced and subtle. Many might perchance fetch the palpable discomfort of the instructor and the students in the midst of sex education classes proven in the film relatable. It makes an strive to launch conversations proper by the well-known and important topic of come by sex, with out turning it into a sex comedy or a comedy on come by sex,  and that itself is a commendable feat. That it doesn’t let the legend acquire hijacked by a male savior is equally so.

What Doesn’t

The plot is simply too in vogue, predictable, and simplistic with a convenient struggle resolution. It’s an ie-time OTT search for and no longer supposed for the theatres.

The balance between instructing and preaching blurs on occasion and begins having a gape like a UGC consciousness film.  The film is low on entertainment and excessive on education. Though it is commendable how the film brings to the fore conversations round girls’s sexual health, with dialogues equating girls to a neatly quenching the thirst of men, the belief that of girls’s need and sexual gratification is unceremoniously thrown out of the window.  Maybe one must seize child steps and perchance girls’s sexual needs are the next swagger in the dialog but one peaceable feels that the dialogue might perchance and might perchance just were written better.  In actuality, the film is weighed down by its recoil-inducing dialogues.

There are also important loopholes in the legend. One is left at a loss for words about why a in vogue retailer proprietor, who’s making a income from the increased sale of condoms, would develop into an anti-condom activist. Even as you place in thoughts condoms as something ‘filthy’ why sell them in the first disclose? It’s weird that he has no trouble selling a product but gets all agitated when folks come to place shut it from him. The shopkeeper angle proper doesn’t add up and sticks out like a sore thumb bigger than Satish Kaushik’s

wig does.

Though the film is made for a family viewers with the likely just to develop into a dialog starter on sex education for childhood, the remedy of the legend in most cases becomes infantile. In 2023, even with childhood as share of your target viewers, one must acquire better. Even with its relevant and progressive converse, the film seems too dated for i-mobile phone/social media expertise.

Clear cinematic decisions (in particular in case you label the containers getting stuffed up) blueprint you wonder if the film is made in the 60s. The plot is simply too in vogue, predictable, and simplistic with a convenient struggle resolution. It’s proper as a one-time OTT search for and just isn’t any longer supposed for a theatre expertise.


No longer every social message film has to be a comedy. No longer every woke film needs a Male Savior. Chhatriwali is a well-known film that targets at starting up conversations round condoms and come by sex and extra importantly, girls’s sexual health—a query that’s hardly ever ever ever discussed even inside doubtlessly the most progressive of households, let alone movies.  Chhatriwali is sex ed performed factual. Headlined by Rakul Preet Singh film is devoid of any frills and retains its focus firmly on the legend it targets to list. Furthermore, it

is refreshing to gape a girl taking fee of the account and no longer being decreased to a facet persona in her trust legend. No longer every lady has to be saved by a ‘hero’.  No longer every ‘girls-centric’ film has to be rescued by a male famous individual. Chhatriwali might perchance just no longer be a shiny part of cinema alternatively it is a ‘sex film’ that the general family can and might perchance just search for collectively.  That you can seize it

on Zee 5.


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