‘My Thoughts & Me’ Trailer Is A Cryfest For Gomez Fans 

Selena Gomez has battled with depression for the longest time and has never shied a long way from talking about it. In an strive and fetch more intimate about her mental neatly being dash, the singer is rising with a brand unusual documentary about her lifestyles. Titled My Thoughts & Me, the trailer of the documentary is out and is a success all individuals’s hearts already.  

The documentary talks about her fight with depression and how her mental neatly being dash affected her work and numerous aspects of her lifestyles. The film highlights the deserve to adore the importance of mental neatly being. The documentary is backed by Apple Tv+. 

Sharing the trailer on her social media, Gomez wrote on Instagram, “Every breath, a breakthrough. In honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay I wished to section the trailer for my documentary Selena Gomez: My Thoughts & Me. November 4 on @AppleTVPlus.(sic)” 

The trailer made moderately an impact on the viewers. “This Selena Gomez documentary is gonna shatter me… and her vocals within the tune??? she’s about to provide us her easiest ballad #MyMindAndMe,” wrote a user. Going by the certain reactions that the trailer has accumulated up to now, it is a long way safe to bewitch that the film shall be getting a nice response too.  

Catch A Search At The Reactions Below: 

this selena gomez documentary is gonna shatter me… and her vocals within the tune??? she’s about to provide us her easiest ballad

— emrah 🧣 (@skinnysel) October 10, 2022

Genuine Selena realizing how grateful and blessed she in point of fact is. She deserves your total world #MyMindAndMe

— GLOBAL PRINCESS ☀️ (@SelenaGqueens) October 11, 2022

Why cease I give a enhance to Selena Gomez so much? Motive she’s raw, there’s no hide. She is an idol for thus many asserting it’s k to no longer be mentally or physically neatly however religion and savor can carve paths thru murky tunnels❤️ I savor you sel #MyMindAndMe

— Erin (@delreyselenator) October 11, 2022

Selena Gomez the girl you is also #MyMindAndMe

— GLOBAL PRINCESS ☀️ (@SelenaGqueens) October 10, 2022

#MyMindAndMe is going to blow up. This might maybe be something no longer many others can cease. She’s going to succeed in hundreds and hundreds alongside with her story. Her impact is insane and queen will dwell remain humble take care of always. I savor her

— Jo (@Jo50877025) October 11, 2022

the high-tail to present protection to selena gomez from the sector ☹️ #MyMindAndMe

— aisha 🧩 (@simpfordamelios) October 10, 2022

I ethical saw the trailer for Selena Gomez’s documentary My Thoughts And Me, and all I will be able to direct is WOW. Award-great. Inspirational. Passable with you @selenagomez ❤️ furthermore the soundtrack is dazzling 😭 #MyMindAndMe

— annie 👩🏻‍🎓 (@lalisadotcom_) October 10, 2022

This film marks Lighthouse Administration + Media and Interscope Motion photos’ second mission for Apple. They first collaborated on the Emmy Award-nominated documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s a Itsy-bitsy Blurry.Selena Gomez: My Thoughts & Me, will premiere on November 4, 2022. 

(Featured Image Credits: Twitter @selenagomez)  


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