Name of Accountability: Neatly-liked War II: How The ‘No Russian’ Ending Ties The Series’ Future To Its Previous

Infinity Ward’s hottest dash on the Name of Accountability series parts an complete bunch of circulate, high-stakes plotlines, and characters to get connected to. From classics, corresponding to Ghost and Soap, to newcomers worship, Vargas and even a reimagined villain in the get of Identical old Shepherd, there’s plenty to unpack here.

While we bought to delight in familiar faces sooner or later of again, the series did maintain one striking omission from the first roster of characters, and it’s one that has basic implications given the unfolding minute print from the recreation’s mysterious, nostalgia-inducing ending. Let’s occupy a closer gape.

Where Is Alex?

Alex COD
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Echo 3-1 AKA ‘Alex’ is among the ex-CIA operatives that chances are you’ll play as in Name of Accountability: Neatly-liked War (2019), and used to be positively among the standout protagonists of the series. As a slick, efficient, and loyal operator, his background and storyline took in parts of counter-insurgency, recordsdata battle, and extra, giving the initial push to Name of Accountability: Warzone’s premise and seasonal myth arcs.

So… why isn’t he featured in Neatly-liked War II?

On the launch of the 2019 title’s initiating myth arc, Alex used to be presumed pointless by explosion, even though in appropriate COD type, we don’t get to gape a corpse. Inevitably, the put up-initiating seasons confirmed that Alex used to be certainly alive, and factual missing a leg from his wretched incident in Verdansk. All of this plot that Alex must be in this recreation, appropriate? Neatly, he isn’t. And in a demanding turn of occasions, neither is Vladimir Makarov.

Is Alex Fascinating In ‘No Russian?’

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The ending scene of the recreation exhibits Agent Laswell introducing a ‘unique threat’ to Job Drive 141 in the get of Makarov, the Russian terrorist cell leader who served because the first antagonist for 2011’s Neatly-liked War 3. It’s chilly to gape the execrable ‘No Russian’ classic mission referenced here, but what’s great extra intriguing is that Ticket is smartly attentive to Makarov’s existence and plans.

The customary No Russian mission seen us step into the footwear of an undercover US agent working within Makarov’s terrorist cell, as they assemble an assault on a Russian airport, mowing down dozens of harmless civilians. After carrying out their mission, Makarov shoots our playable personality pointless, clearly attentive to their undercover put.

The personality’s name? PFC. Joseph Allen, AKA Alexei Borodin.

Credit score: Activison

This time round, Makarov’s terrorism will occupy put aboard one or extra than one planes as in opposition to inner an airport, ensuing in moderately about a seemingly death and per chance any other World-Battle-III scenario. With out reference to how “No Russian” occurs, it looks worship Alex would possibly well well also per chance be Ticket’s undercover agent. Now not solely assemble the names match up, but Alex himself has had quite a lot of time operating in Russian-speaking zones, making him an very supreme candidate for Ticket to ship on a wise-covert mission, explaining his mysterious absence from the second recreation.

This fan theory ignited a basic dialogue on on-line forums, with fans conjecturing what lay in store for the personality. Would Alex meet the same destiny as Alexei, or would things play out differently in the lengthy jog?

Sure, Makarov is orderly ample to weed out a rat in his ranks, but Alex is gorgeous damn tricky to assassinate as we’ve viewed already. Per chance primarily the most intriguing myth would get by flashbacks of Alex’s initiation job into the terrorist cell, additional darkening the gritty, serious tone that the reboot series has held on to since 2019. Hell, per chance Alex even goes rogue and betrays Ticket — one element’s for obvious, we’re livid to gape what’s next in the Name of Accountability storyline.

Name of Accountability: Neatly-liked War 2 is readily available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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