See: US clergy favor medical treatment for depression

(RNS) — About 21 million adults in the U.S. have had no decrease than one fundamental depressive episode, the Nationwide Institute of Mental Health experiences.

A brand original leer now finds that those that have gone to a priest or pastor for recommendation will maybe have been encouraged to take a look at mental health professionals and resolve medicine to deal with it.

That’s the conclusion of a nationally handbook see of clergy serving U.S. congregations from across the non secular spectrum. The Nationwide Stumble upon of Non secular Leaders requested 890 folks whose major job is as a clergy leader about causes of depression and appropriate therapies for it.

Revealed this week in JAMA Psychiatry, the leer experiences that 90% of clergy respondents stated they’d succor any individual with depressive symptoms to leer a mental health decent and 87% would succor folks to resolve prescribed medications for it.

Impress Chaves. Photo © Duke College

“There are some clergy out there that discourage sanatorium treatment,” stated Impress Chaves, a sociologist at Duke College and major investigator of the leer “However it undoubtedly turns out, it’s a dinky minority, even among conservative non secular groups.”

The leer, funded by the Templeton Foundation and fielded from February 2019 to June 2020, is idea to be the first nationally handbook see of clergy beliefs on depression, Chaves stated. The simpler leer included 1,600 congregational leaders from which 890 major clergy were polled for the depression leer. 

Whereas many clergy moreover encouraged non secular treatment for depression, such as prayer or Scripture leer, those non secular therapies were supplementary. They did no longer change medical treatment.

The leer moreover requested clergy what they idea were the reasons folks skilled depression. The overwhelming majority attributed it to “worrying conditions,” “traumatic experiences,” “chemical imbalance,” “lack of social toughen” or a “genetic assert.”

Only 29% of clergy stated depression became once precipitated by “lack of religion,” and 16% stated “demon possession.”

Black Protestants and white evangelical Protestants were extra likely than Catholic priests or white mainline Protestant ministers to succor non secular treatment of depression, with no medical ingredient. Even among those groups, even supposing, very finest a dinky minority — about 15% — instantaneous substituting non secular for medical responses.

Non-Christian clergy comprised 8.5% of those surveyed and included Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders. They scored equally to mainline Protestants and Catholics, Chaves stated, with very “decent-medical” views on treating depression.  

Most clergy instantaneous mixing both medical and non secular approaches to depression.

“These outcomes indicate that medical professionals must always level-headed learn the overwhelming majority of non secular leaders as allies in figuring out and successfully treating depression,” the leer concludes.

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