Sweetwater Medical reduces sufferers’ blood strain and weight with AI and RPM

Sweetwater Medical Mates is a single-sanatorium family prepare and internal remedy facility in Sugar Land, Texas. It has 5 suppliers, besides a workers team including eight medical assistants (MAs).


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweetwater has been perpetually rapid-staffed. The team always has looked strapped for time, finding it animated to computer screen at-risk sufferers with hypertension and weight problems to assist manage their power stipulations and glance for indicators of impending problems.

“We serve an total bunch sufferers with power stipulations, including an total bunch with hypertension and weight problems, and or now not it is valuable to salvage affected person readings to better realize their situation,” said Eric Navarette, prepare supervisor at Sweetwater Medical Mates.

“Earlier than we had a long way away affected person monitoring with an AI-enabled virtual assistant, a affected person would attain to the place of job for a seek the recommendation of with, where their blood strain and/or weight changed into once taken and recorded, and even they progressively tracked these metrics with a self-course of – customarily non-digital with pen and paper – at house, which then changed into once shared on the seek the recommendation of with or via telehealth,” he continued.

Workers additionally that chanced on many of the sufferers with these two power stipulations additionally generally known because the place of job progressively to take a look at in or seek care. The incoming calls had been voluminous.

“We knew there changed into once a closer methodology to manage these sufferers with RPM technology, so we arena out to take a look at the solutions on hand to us,” Navarette outlined. “The right shuffle with the circulation of affected person files can proactively alert suppliers of a complication, so they will mercurial intervene and cut the chance of a worsening match or escalation of care, equivalent to a seek the recommendation of with to the ER or a well being center cease.”


100Plus, a Connect The US firm, affords an AI-assisted a long way away affected person monitoring platform that enables healthcare suppliers to remotely computer screen and manage their sufferers’ well being stipulations.

“We reviewed three solutions and selected 100Plus since it changed into once so comprehensive and integrated the AI-enabled virtual assistant, which no one else had,” Navarette famend. “To boot, they supplied vital strengthen to take a look at our affected person population to search out out who changed into once most efficient fitted to the RPM program and to onboard them.

“We additionally are seeing enhanced clinical workflow efficiencies, particularly fewer incoming calls to our MAs from sufferers. The RPM platform and our new clinical workflow procure in actuality elevated affected person engagement, too.”
Eric Navarette, Sweetwater Medical Mates

“An analysis changed into once performed on our affected person population with an computerized proprietary tool that reviewed affected person files for prognosis codes linked to weight problems and hypertension, besides mapped reimbursement qualifications,” he continued.

Then the vendor helped Sweetwater narrow the affected person pool to americans that had engaged the prepare for an appointment all over the final 12 months.

“The seller team then started an outreach to manufacture consent from the sufferers to be integrated within the RPM program, which engaging phone calls, emails and texts to eligible sufferers, explaining the purpose of the RPM program, how it in actuality works from the affected person perspective and its benefits,” Navarette outlined.

“100Plus additionally handled the onboarding of sufferers,” he added. “The actual connected devices had been sent to enrolled sufferers, equivalent to pulse oximeters to measure blood oxygen levels alongside with the blood strain cuff, scale and glucometer. An perfect portion of onboarding and affected person communications changed into once additionally done the utilization of the AI virtual assistant.”


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Sweetwater launched the RPM program in October 2021 with 100 sufferers and now has expanded the program to 240 sufferers.

“The readings are taken by sufferers in their house and automatically recorded all over the provider portal, which is able to be viewed by suppliers, and the tips can be shared with caregivers or family, if the affected person needs,” Navarette famend.

“Services and MAs recurrently shuffle into the portal to take a look at the readings and to search out out how the affected person is doing or if they need changes in therapy and coverings,” he continued. “Now sufferers can additionally salvage entry to their readings on their smartphones via the lately launched new affected person portal.”

Checkup calls are made by MAs to the enrolled sufferers to talk relating to the outcomes, when wished. So, in actual fact, or now not it is a long way the MAs on the frontline working with sufferers – the AI virtual assistant named Esper plays a a must-procure role, besides.

For sufferers, the virtual assistant engages with them. Many sufferers liken the virtual assistant to a individual, offering nudges and/or accolades and delivering the perception of being supported, which is able to pressure a sense of non-public accountability.

By recurrently measuring and in my belief seeing their key a must-procure indicators, Sweetwater workers factor in this might well occasionally per chance per chance per chance also elevate affected person motivations to salvage more healthy decisions in making improvements to these biometrics.

The 100Plus RPM platform is now not for the time being connected to Sweetwater’s EHR, nonetheless that is within the understanding for the prolonged urge.


Sweetwater workers had been thrilled with the RPM technology and noticed spectacular outcomes within the first six months: Sufferers enrolled within the program completed moderate systolic blood strain reduction of 5.80 mmHg for those with hypertension and imply weight lack of three.45 kilos for those with weight problems.

“We additionally are seeing enhanced clinical workflow efficiencies, particularly fewer incoming calls to our MAs from sufferers,” Navarette reported. “The RPM platform and our new clinical workflow procure in actuality elevated affected person engagement, too.

“One might well per chance per chance per chance procure that is counterintuitive because we’re the utilization of a long way away technology, nonetheless the efficiencies in taking the affected person vitals, the shut to valid-time shuffle with the circulation of files and computerized recording of those readings within the affected person portal are permitting our MAs to take a look at the tips and to achieve out and rob sufferers armed with that files, whether it be a ‘Upright job’ phone name to the affected person or individual who might well per chance per chance per chance require probing questions or changes in therapy or medicines,” he continued.

Either methodology, team participants are reporting affected person engagement has been enhanced total, he added.


“Skills can be daunting,” Navarette knowledgeable. “Seek for for technology partners that ship various strengthen, such because the analysis stage to make a various sufferers to your affected person panel who are well-fitted to the RPM program, besides the strengthen to coach and onboard them – even supplying and distributing the connective care devices.

“The AI virtual assistant has been a sport-changer, too, as this technology offloads various tiresome work for our little workers, streamlines our clinical workflow and permits enhanced affected person engagement,” he added.

Sweetwater sees technology because the prolonged urge, and while it capability changes, or now not it is most likely to result in alternate for the upper, he reported.

“With AI-enabled RPM, we’re streamlining our clinical workflow, making improvements to our overhead and, most valuable, making improvements to affected person outcomes,” Navarette concluded.

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