‘The Significance Is We’re No longer Cows’: What We Heard This Week

“The significance is we’re no longer cows.” — Rainey Horwitz, MS, a clinical student at St. Louis College Faculty of Treatment, commenting on the truth there are truly a imply of 10,280 nerve fibers within the clitoris, no longer the 8,000 beforehand assumed in retaining with a sign of cows.

“Ali is a vitally necessary phase of our history and it’s miles a necessity we precisely document his Parkinson’s illness.” — Michael Okun, MD, of the College of Florida in Gainesville, discussing Muhammad Ali’s early-onset Parkinson’s.

“[This] can must hurry down within the warfare of passion Corridor of Reputation.” — Gary Ruskin, government director of the watchdog group U.S. Accurate to Know, talking about the truth that the Academy of Vitamin and Dietetics has a “symbiotic relationship” with the meals and pharmaceutical industries, including extremely-processed meals corporations.

“We can gaze a shrimp bit of a rise, nonetheless this is presumably no longer as excessive as what now we have considered within the previous.” — Ali Mokdad, PhD, of the College of Washington, on the expected COVID uptick over this winter.

“I ponder numerous the knee-jerk reaction is that right here’s discrimination and discrimination on my own.” — Jennifer Bakkensen, MD, of Northwestern College Feinberg Faculty of Treatment in Chicago, on other components playing into chronic gender gaps in capsules management, worship how so many female physicians alter their career trajectories for parenthood.

“With any luck with this trial we can have a third antibiotic.” — Thomas Holland, MD, of Duke College in North Carolina, on a as soon as-rejected antibiotic coming support from the investigational drug graveyard to demonstrate efficacy in treating subtle staph infections.

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