TikToker Who Went Viral Begging Followers For Money After “By chance” Ordering $100K Couch Admits Total Remark Used to be A Prank To Promote OnlyFans

A TikToker who tearfully begged fans to lend a hand her masks the price of an accidental sofa bought for $100,000 admitted the total thing used to be a lie, and done as a prank to advertise her OnlyFans legend.

Quenlin Blackwell, 21, of Los Angeles, is now going thru frequent backlash after revealing her heartfelt videos where she pleaded for money used to be correct a shaggy dog legend, and even caught it to people who donated by posting an image of a grimy, disgusting weak sofa, presumably in reference to the dear portion of furniture she had instructed them she accidentally bought.

TikTok – Who Boasts Shut to 8 Million Followers – Time and again Attends Excessive-Profile Occasions With Celebs
Quenlin, who generally posts every day life vlogs, has 7.9 million followers and usually attends excessive-profile occasions with other A-checklist celebs, akin to Lil Nas X.

In a now viral post, the influencer printed the viral video in query used to be all fragment of a skit. in express to create money and attention.

“It used to be price all of it,” Quenlin captioned one followup video. “Created by gorillían artist suqę mì dehqüe in 1958, The “Troll dé onlywind” is an iconic portion from the caca movement of the listless 50s. This articulate work of dehqüe is a command on the issue of human society. I’m so lucky to personal this portion. Thank you.”

I accidentally bought a $100,000 sofa. pic.twitter.com/p1jFJ7mOHR

— queen quen (@quenblackwell) October 6, 2022

The TikTok massive title then made enjoyable of her followers for being duped by the skit, and even posted a video revealing it used to be all a shaggy dog legend by showing the sofa whereas circus song performed in the background, implying her fans were clowns.

In the intervening time, her followers lashed abet on the heartless prank, with many feeling old to “market” her OnlyFans and others claiming she correct wanted “media attention.”

Followers, Followers Lash Out At Heartless Prank, With Many Feeling Mature To “Market” Her OnlyFans
Quenlin’s OnlyFans says which it’s likely you’ll “subscribe free of price,” however “$25 to unlock advise material,” one consumer infamous.

She has since changed the price to her OnlyFans to $3 per post whereas accepting tips,

She’s currently made a complete of $79.66 in tips on her legend for four OnlyFans posts, and is continuous to price per post.

Some fans and followers gave her credit rating for the plan, with others asserting she could personal done so with out the controversy.

One consumer mentioned: “Derive to give her credit rating, even when. Marketed the hell out of her OnlyFans. [She] had people in following her as a result of brand new video. Saved people in the legend. Then dropped an OnlyFans love this wasn’t an all time social media marketing success legend.”

She used to be price all of it.

created by gorillían artist suqę mì dehqüe in 1958, The “Troll dé onlywind” is an iconic portion from the caca movement of the listless 50s. This articulate work of dehqüe is a command on the issue of human society. I’m so lucky to personal this portion. Thank you. pic.twitter.com/npx5LiRRgC

— queen quen (@quenblackwell) October 13, 2022

TikTok Slammed For Fooling Followers For Money, Many Threaten To Unfollow Social Media Influencer
One other consumer mentioned: “No person is with the bit. Why [do] you contain going so onerous for it? Factual promote your OnlyFans and people will presumably use it, however this bit is already weak.”

“So did you truly use the sofa or did you correct wish to soft open your OnlyFans with out being judged?” one consumer wrote. “Bruh correct impart you wanted to create an OnlyFans correct because and that’s more believable,” added one other consumer.

Worthy more customers slammed the influencer for fooling her fans to compile money, attention and sympathy, with some even accusing her of taking “acting courses” and one other adding she deserves an “Oscar” for her “efficiency.”

me this previous weekend ⭐️ pic.twitter.com/x4YZ65Ya2W

— queen quen (@quenblackwell) August 25, 2021

“And the Oscar goes to…” one consumer wrote. “You been taking acting courses huh,’ wrote one other consumer.” One other consumer wrote: “Right here is the worst of Quen I truly personal ever viewed. No longer even silly at all. Give it a relaxation.”

Others threatened to unfollow her for the stunt.

“I’m unfollowing you now,” added one other consumer. “You wish the media attention so inferior,” wrote one consumer. “Is your just to create all people contain this in opposition to you for the subsequent ten years? If that is so, you’re doing a nice job babe,” added one consumer.

A Breakdown Of The “Prank” In Demand And On How She “By chance Supplied $100Ample Couch In An Online Auction
For the length of the final week, Quenlin posted three videos to her TikTok and YouTube channels where she issued a tearful plea for monetary support because she “accidentally bought $100,000 sofa in an on-line movement, and says the postulate of getting a job “makes her throw up.”

The sofa people WONT REFUND ME so… pic.twitter.com/kfdg6I1gZF

— queen quen (@quenblackwell) October 10, 2022

She had claimed she entered in her bank card recordsdata into an on-line auction attach of living as a “shaggy dog legend” and accidentally bought the dear sofa.

Quenlin mentioned she had been in the market fora recent sofa for the final 5 months, and had her undercover agent on the $100,00 sofa in query for “years.”

“I can manage to pay for an IKEA sofa, however I don’t need it, I make a choice something nice, I deserve something nice,” she mentioned.

That video racked up 7.4 million views.

Quenlin Blackwell and Lil Nas X wait on the 10th Annual LACMA Art+Film Gala presented by Gucci at Los Angeles County Museum of Art on November 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Characterize by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)Except for having been pictured with the likes of Lil Nas X, she printed in 2020 that she used to be residing with the Diplo, who at 41-years-weak is 22 years her senior.

“I live with Diplo proper now, and he fully helps my endeavors,” she instructed her followers for the length of a TikTok Stay.

Diplo responded on Twitter and mentioned he fully rented out a property to her and added there used to be “nothing however friendship” between the 2. Quenlin sooner or later confirmed the DJ’s interpretation of occasions.

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