Viserys’ Decline in Home of the Dragon Used to be Precipitated by Leprosy

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Within the Game of Thrones universe, death and violence are a certain component. Truly, we ask to gaze characters skills gorey, grotesque demises delight in the execrable Purple Marriage ceremony, or even the finale of the customary conceal’s first season, when Ned Stark used to be met with a swift—and fully surprising—decapitation. Home of the Dragon, nonetheless, is a departure from the tone Game of Thrones region. Reasonably than intense fight scenes or grim torture, Home of the Dragon is extra of a gradual burn, focusing on character-based completely drama and maneuvering. It’s a war of intelligence over bodily prowess.

That gradual burn is no longer any higher exemplified than within the dreadful, grueling, death of King Viserys I. After we first meet him within the sequence premiere, we understand that he is plagued by a unfamiliar ailment, one where his pores and skin peels and turns into discolored. At final, he even loses an understand. All around the first season, as tensions in his family grow excessive and devious plans are plotted, sorrowful naive Viserys is a long way too busy seeking to shield alive than contend with the total scheming going on spherical him. As a viewer, you would maybe presumably well be ready to’t support nonetheless feel substandard for the one who lives in a time of rudimentary medication. Loss of life would potentially be a mercy.

Fortunately (for us and for him), Season 1 Episode 8 noticed Viserys’ curtain call. Emaciated and old, he can barely sit down up in bed with out moaning in peril. He’s misplaced hair, an understand, and suffers from what looks to be some form of dementia (he notably calls his 2nd wife Alicent, “Aemma” the name of his prolonged deceased first wife). At the demolish of Episode 8, nonetheless, we at final understand him released from his torture, despite the undeniable truth that no longer earlier than turning in a line which is able to forever alternate the components forward for Westeros.

So what’s it that Viserys suffered from?

Viserys had a form of leprosy in Home of the Dragon.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Paddy Considine (who performed Viserys), revealed his character had a form of leprosy. Within the podcast he explains, “He’s no longer in fact vulnerable. He’s tranquil a younger man in there. He’s honest, unfortunately, got this component that is taken over his physique. It turns correct into a metaphor for being king, and the stress and strain that it locations on you, and what it does to you physically, what it does to you mentally.”

Per the CDC, leprosy (veritably identified as Hansen’s Illness) is an an infection attributable to a gradual-rising bacteria. It impacts the nerves, the eyes, and the nostril. In our non-dragon fact, the disease is effectively cured when caught early. For Viserys, nonetheless, who lives in a time and region where even C-sections are unusual, it potentially used to be an agonizing thriller.

Indicators of leprosy include painful swelling of the extremities, numbness, paralysis, possible blindness, and extra.

Is Leprosy contagious?

Fortunately for Alicent, Rhaenyra, Daemon, and all people else who got finish to Viserys finish to the demolish, Leprosy is no longer contagious. So you acquired’t understand any of completely different characters with out discover plagued by the same ailments.

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